Roof Cleaning

Quality that lasts. Curb appeal that sticks around. And maintenance that feels effortless. For homeowners, these three trademarks are the goal of every property investment. So for Clearview Services South, orienting our roof cleaning services around these goals felt like a no-brainer.

Our team is proud to deliver the best professional care to your roof. Expect superior quality through every step of the process – and results with staying power. Our service will:

  • Remove dirt, grime, and other eyesores
  • Kill algae, mold, and bacteria
  • Help your roof last for a decade or longer!

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Why should I get my Roof Washed?

Excellent question. And the answer is vitally important for every homeowner to know.

Here’s the deal. The “dirt” on your roof isn’t actually dirt. When you see those black streaks across your shingles, you’re seeing the results of an infestation. The bacteria, called Gloecapsa Magma, feeds on your roof. But this is where things get dangerous. The more it eats, the more it decomposes your roofing material.

Left untreated, Gloecapsa Magma can accelerate wear to your roof. This type of buildup thrives on roofing, and it can grow at an alarming rate. When your shingles aren’t regularly cleaned, negative impacts include:

  • Rot and deterioration to your shingles
  • Compromised energy efficiency of your roofing
  • The need for premature roof replacement

Lengthen the lifetime of your roof – and keep that expensive replacement at bay – with regular roof cleaning. And let the professionals at Clearview Services South bring the best quality to you with our roof manufacturer-approved soft washing solution!

What is the Solution?

In the past, pressure washing was the go-to solution for a dirty roof. This is a bad idea.

Pressure washing simply uses too much force for your shingles to handle. It doesn’t treat the algae effectively, and it will also cause further damage to your roofing material!

Homeowners who get a pressure washing roof cleaning service have to deal with the implications later down the road. And it isn’t pretty.

Here at Clearview, we offer a SAFE solution

Our team uses a method of cleaning called soft washing to protect your roof. This guaranteed-safe approach is the best way to keep your shingles clean. When you get the soft washing stamp of approval from our team, you’re getting the peace of mind that:

  • We utilize safe roof practices to keep your property and our technicians safe
  • Our “No” Pressure Application System keeps your roofing in prime condition
  • The chemical mix comes complete with Algaecides to truly solve the issue
Soft Washing & Pressure Washing Truck

Quality that Counts, Plus Curb Appeal

Your roof is a huge part of your property. It’s a necessity – but it’s also an investment. Clearview Services South is proud to bring cutting-edge soft washing technology to you. And the results speak for themselves.

Using our no-pressure application system, an innovative chemical cleaning mix, and safe roof cleaning practices, we can effectively restore your roof to its superior condition. Regular roof cleaning will:

  • Extend the lifetime of your shingles, enabling your roof to last longer (and look better!)
  • Prevent the growth of mold and bacteria into your home, which can be a costly and unhealthy infestation issue
  • Help your shingles retain quality, so they can continue to function as the manufacturer intended
  • Make your property’s curb appeal shine, now and for years to come!

We’re confident… And we’re confident for a reason. Our team has delivered roof cleaning success to properties across the region, and years later, those properties continue to benefit from their roof cleaning maintenance.

When you choose our team, you do so knowing that you’re getting lasting quality for your roof. We guarantee your roof cleaning with a special warranty, so you can invest with confidence. Let our team take care of your shingles, now and for years to come!


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