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Are you tired of looking out windows covered in scratches or unsightly water stains?We have solutions for all of your glass cleaning & restoration needs.


Our Clearview Services technicians are thoroughly trained in the use of high-quality chemicals, procedures, and glass polishing methods to safely and effectively treat your window stains and scratches. Because windows are a very valuable part of your home, we take great care in keeping abreast of the latest technologies and procedures in glass restoration. Our commitment to quality standards and continuing education ensures that your windows will be restored to your complete satisfaction.

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Questions & Answers About the Effective Removal of Water Staining:

How Do We Treat Water Stains?

The first step is to diagnose the correct cause of the stain. This is important because we use different chemicals to work on different types of stains. These cleaners range from mild solutions to potent acids, all specifically formulated to work on unique types of staining. If a chemical cannot effectively clear the stain, then it will be necessary to polish the glass to completely remove the water staining.

What Do You Mean By Polish?
When You Remove Water Stain, Do You Apply Anything To Prevent It From Coming Back?

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