Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Season in Georgia

By ambservices | June 10, 2014

Weddings, graduation parties, and the Fourth of July is just a few of the celebrations that take place during the spring and summer. Keep your home looking beautiful and don’t let grime spoil your next event. Aside from window cleaning, we’re proud to offer a variety of residential services, such as window sill and frame…

Roof Cleaning

Why choose soft washing?

By ambservices | June 6, 2014

Soft washing is a breakthrough technology that is a safer, more efficient way to clean surface areas around your home, especially the roof, siding and decks and even in some cases, cement. Instead of using high pressure to break apart grime that has built up over time, soft washing uses a special blend of detergents…

Commercial Window Cleaning In St. Simons Island

Keep your windows looking brand new in St. Simon's

By ambservices | June 4, 2014

Has this ever happened to you: You buy some expensive window washing products that promise to leave your windows streak free – but within a few days they’re back to looking dirty and discolored? Don’t stress, we’ve all been there. That’s why having your windows professionally cleaned is so rewarding – they will look cleaner…

Pressure Washing

Soft washing your home's exterior in St. Simons

By ambservices | June 2, 2014

Did you know, there are other ways to clean the exterior of your home, roof or deck without the brutal effects of pressure washing. We employ a technique called soft washing that typically uses less than 1,000 PSI to clean a house. The surface is actually cleaned by a special combination of detergents and then…

Window Cleaning In Brunswick, GA

The four A’s of window cleaning in St. Simons

By ambservices | May 31, 2014

You might have heard of the four A’s of window cleaning. When you remember these four rules, you’ll understand why hiring a professional is the right way to go. Access Do you have the tools required to clean those second- or third-story windows? What about those hard-to-reach interior windows? Our equipment is designed to take…

Glass Restoration

Why soft washing is better for your Sea Island home

By ambservices | May 29, 2014

Over time, the outside of your house collects dirt and other residues that are difficult and sometimes impossible to go out and clean with a sponge and soap. By the time you physically notice these stains, they’ve been there for years, building on top of each other and creating a real unsightly mess. Traditionally pressure…

Window Cleaning

Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner on Sea Island?

By ambservices | May 27, 2014

We’ve all been here: You decide to clean your windows yourself and after hours and hours of toiling labor you look back at all your hard work only to become frustrated with streaks and water stains. It’s true, cleaning windows is an extremely time-consuming task with minimal rewards at the end, especially when you don’t…

Pressure Washing Before St.Simons Island , GA

Four reasons to soft wash your house in St. Simons

By ambservices | May 22, 2014

Improved curb appeal! Everyone wants their home or business to look the best it possibly can, and soft washing your roof is a small price to pay for long-term enjoyment. Improve your roof’s longevity! Especially if you have shingles, you’ll want to clean those without using pressure. In fact, most shingle manufacturers won’t honor their…

Window Cleaning

Don’t get frustrated cleaning your windows in St. Simons

By ambservices | May 20, 2014

As professional window cleaners, we know the many different techniques it takes to get your windows shiny and spotless. These techniques are different for different types of windows, which is often why your windows don’t come as clean as you’d like when you wash them yourself. For example, windows that slide from top to bottom…

Soft Washing

The safer choice: Soft washing in Sea Island

By ambservices | May 16, 2014

Soft washing is often times a safer choice when it comes to cleaning exterior surfaces of homes, decks, sidewalks, railing and more. Using a custom blend of cleaning solutions and chemicals that are applied to the affected area, a lower pressure water is used to rinse the surface. We highly recommend this approach because it…