Spring is an unforgettable time in St. Simons full of blue skies and golden sunshine. But when the exterior of your home is anything but spotless, it’s not as easy to enjoy the season. Yet many homeowners assume there is no safe way to remove stains from the exterior of their homes without damaging the surface. And who wants to have their home pressure washed only to have to repair the stucco?

Fortunately, we have a solution: soft washing.

Soft washing has single-handedly revolutionized the exterior and roof cleaning industry. By combining carefully metered chemical solutions and applying them to your home’s surfaces, we’re able to clean and “pre-treat” a surface without the damaging use of pressure.

By applying precisely-mixed chemicals to kill unwanted bacteria and then washing them away with water, we’ve eliminated the need for pressure. You see, pressure washing only removes the mold or mildew that is present at the time of washing – whereas soft washing kills the root of the problem by seeping into every surface crack, crevice, and pore and preventing the stains from coming back.

This technique is actually much more closely related to the pest control industry; instead of treating the issue like a stain it is treated like a pest. Soft washing gets to the root of the problem by killing the source and preventing it from growing back. Whereas pressurized water only removes the mold, mildew or other stains, soft washing gets to the spores themselves and kills them dead.

So not only is it safer for the surface of your home, it lasts nearly six times as long.

The chemicals we use during soft washing are completely safe and environmentally friendly. What’s more, soft washing works on more than just roofing and siding – it’s a handy tool for eliminating organic matters from wood surfaces, pool decks, driveways and more. It’s a quick and effective way to treat and prevent any organic-based stains. Mold, mildew, algae, fungus, bacteria, viruses, germs, mosses, lichens, insects, organic soiling and more can easily be removed through our soft washing technology.